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Mini Monties / see our Mini Monties room photos

Mini Monties photos

(Age 3 years – 3 years 9 months)

Mini Monties introduces the children to our Montessori programme. The programme draws on elements of Montessori, High Scope and Aistear.

The Montessori method is based on the theory that children have natural tendencies toward learning. Our aim at Nourrice is to nurture an enduring love of learning.

Nourrice preschool Montessori programme is child led and the Montessori supervisors act as a link between the child and the environment. All of our preschool team have been trained at accredited Montessori training centres and are very experienced in the preparation of the Montessori environment.

Stretching and breathing exercises, shelf work, circle time and project work form the basis of the programme.

The Montessori materials are displayed on open shelves and in Mini Monties the work incorporates Practical life, Sensorial, Cultural and Pre Writing exercises.

Mini Monties photos

Outdoor activities such as, painting, gardening and nature walks are also important elements of Mini Monties curriculum.

Music, French & Exercise classes are offered to the Mini Monties children.

During free play the children choose their own activites. Imaginitive play in the home corner, dress up, the book corner and musical instruments are most popular.

The children are offered the opportunity to help with food preparation as a means of developing language and fine motor skills.

The Book Corner in Mini Monties offers soft furnishings for relaxation.

In line with the High Scope method we devise a routine which is consistent and predictable for the children. Within this routine there is flexibility whereby the child can choose their own activities, hence promoting independence and confidence.

This programme gently prepares the children for their preschool year in Smarties in a relaxed atmosphere. Fulfilling their individual needs and awakening their desire to learn are the aims of our Mini Monties team.

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