Nourrice Great Outdoors Montessori Preschool Wexford


Age 3 months to 12 months

The care of the younger children at Nourrice is extremely specialised and attention to detail is paramount to our individual care in these areas.

Babaland is carefully designed to provide a warm, comfortable environment with soft furnishings, low windows and a variety of colourful toys and activity centres.

When a baby starts at Nourrice we do a complimentary settle in period. The length of settle in depends on how the baby or parents feels about separation.

We discuss all aspects of the baby’s routine with the parents during this period. We then follow their routine in order to maintain consistency for the baby. Our babies sleep on demand in our dedicated cot room.

Our baby menu is developed in line with the specific nutritional needs of babies. Meals are pureed or mashed as required by the individual baby. Any special dietary requirements are catered for.

Our Great Outdoor Programme begins at the very beginning in Nourrice. The Babies use our sheltered, all weather area or our all weather pitch. There are lots of toys and activities for them and they go there lots!

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