Nourrice Great Outdoors Montessori Preschool Wexford

Wobbler Wood

For children age 13 months to 20 months

Our Wobbler room is a very unique environment in which we strive to achieve a balance between structure and diversity.

Minimal change occurs in the daily routine to offer the child consistency while varied activities form part of the curriculum. Their sense of security is thus enhanced. The use of soft furnishings and colours give the Wobbler room a lovely warm atmosphere. The room is very spacious and is equipped with a range of toys which encourage the development of gross and fine motor skills.

Again there is great emphasis on the detail required to meet the individual needs of each child in Wobblers.

On collection a staff member takes parents through their child’s day discussing sleeps, meals, nappies and general information.

The children begin to participate in Circle Time in the Wobbler room. They get their little blue chairs and sit around to do songs, puppets and flash cards with colours, objects and animals.

The curriculum also incorporates arts & crafts, tactile play and music & movement. The children are given a lovely balance of freedom and stimulation to encourage all aspects of their development. The Wobblers use our all weather pitch, our lawn area or our tennis court for their Great Outdoor Programme. The all weather pitch is just off the room where they can go easily to release energy as required!!!!

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