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Great Outdoors

Outdoor Early Education at Nourrice

Nourrice places a huge emphasis on outdoor play and exploration. Over the years we have developed state of the art outdoor facilities to suit all ages. We have extended periods of outdoor play to include parts of the Education Curriculum.

Children learn through exploration of the natural environment

We have five separate, fully secured outdoor areas with coded access for parents & staff

Our Covered Outdoor Area

The Montessori Centre has a covered outdoor area off it with access through double doors which children can use at any time and in all weather

Our All Weather Soccer Pitch

There is an all weather soccer pitch with built in goals and an area with a play house adjacent

Our Sand and Water Play Area

On our tennis court our sand & water play area is fenced off and we have lots of ride on toys

Our Orchard Lawn Exploration Area

Our Orchard Lawn offers lots of opportunities for nature exploration with apple trees and our veggie patch

Our Free Play Lawn Area

The main lawn area is great for free play with our mud kitchen area. It also works for our bouncy castle summer camp!

Children learn through the exploration of the natural environment in all seasons and weather. Our Great Outdoor Curriculum includes apple picking in our orchard, insect & bird watching, seed planting, sports and many more activities.

Our educators constantly present learning opportunities through nature. Leaves and twigs are counted when collected, colours are discussed and language and sensory development are a big part of our outdoor circle times.

Indoor toys are brought out and used in different ways.

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