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Creche Nutrition

At the heart of Nourrice’s approach to quality childcare is the provision of healthy food and the formation of good eating habits. We keep up to date with ongoing research into the very specific dietary requirements of babies, preschoolers and school going children. All our food is home cooked daily on the premises and our meat is sourced locally by our butcher. Our menu changes weekly to ensure that sufficient nutrients are consumed from each food group.

We cater for all special dietary requirements


Breakfast is available on arrival


Dinner is steamed or slow cooked in the oven and we use the natural juices at the end of the process to moisten the food. We do not use stock, jars of sauce or seasoning

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is served with fruit at 3pm

Fruit Snacks

Another fruit snack is offered later in the evening


Water and milk are offered throughout the day

Meal Time and Sample Menu

Above all mealtimes are enjoyable with lots of social interaction between children and staff.

Children often help in the preparation and serving of the food. Staff members join in mealtimes as they wish. Children discuss their likes and dislikes, healthy versus unhealthy and are given complete freedom to choose what and how much they want to eat.

Our menu is displayed weekly on the main door and parents also receive a copy by email.

Sample menu at Nourrice Creche
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