Nourrice Great Outdoors Montessori Preschool Wexford

Discovery Drive

For children age 2 years 10 months to 3 years 4 months

Discovery Drive preschool Montessori programme is child led and the Montessori team act as a link between the child and the environment.

All of our Early Years Educators have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Care & Education. Most of them also have Montessori qualifications and are very experienced in the preparation of the Montessori environment. The daily programme begins with stretching and breathing exercises. Shelf work, circle time and project work form the basis of the programme.

Nourrice Great Outdoor Programme in Discovery Drive presents the children with more learning opportunities outside. Circle time is often done after a nature walk and the loot from the nature walk will be identified, counted and discussed in detail. They have a full set of wet gear in the crèche so not even the rain can stop us! Sports, free play, painting and gardening are other activities we do outside. Exercise classes are offered.

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