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Why Choose Nourrice?

We Provide the Highest Quality Early Years Care & Education

Nourrice has a reputation for delivering the best quality care and education tailored to the needs of each individual child. We have no interest in anything less and we consistently receive feedback to this effect from clients.

How do we do this?

To find out how we do this, read on below, or click on any one of the eight reasons listed.

Our Great Outdoors Programme is one of the reasons why people choose us

Consistency in Our Team

One of the most remarkable things about the team at Nourrice is how long they are with us. Eight of our team members are with us longer than 10 years. We have created a happy and flexible working environment where the team are valued & rewarded for the amazing work they do. Team consistency gives the children a sense of security and allows meaningful relationships to develop with colleagues, children and families.

We recruit people who are passionate about children, who understand how to meet the individual needs of each child and who can build supportive relationships with families. They are highly qualified, skilled, fun and very caring people.

Over the years, we as a team have forged a strong bond based on respect, honesty, open communication & humour which is the bedrock of the high quality care at Nourrice.

High Adult: Child Ratio

We adhere strictly to the adult: child ratios and space requirements and all of the Childcare Regulations. In addition to this, Nourrice have floating team members for support who check in with staff, relieving them if they need a little break and supporting them in challenging moments.

Open Communication Policy

Nourrice have an Open Communication Policy which underpins the quality, individual care that we provide. We communicate very openly & clearly with both colleagues and clients. This enables us to tailor the care to the specific needs of each child and ensure that we are in tune with the needs of each family.

We communicate daily on social media. Check out our facebook & Instagram pages. We also use Class Dojo.

Three Healthy Meals Guaranteed Everyday

We provide three freshly prepared, healthy meals a day using locally sourced produce and meat from Doyles Butchers. Menus are reviewed and changed regularly using seasonal foods and superfood blasts during winter. We cater for special dietary requirements and provide vegetarian options.

The Physical Environment

We continuously reinvest in the indoor & outdoor physical environment taking time to design in a creative & child accessible way.


Nourrice prides itself on the standard of cleaning and hygiene throughout the building. We train our team extensively in our hygiene policies. We do not contract out the cleaning so that we can ensure that cleaning is thorough and done to our high standards.

Our Great Outdoors Programme

Nourrice places a huge emphasis on outdoor play and exploration. Over the years we have developed state of the art outdoor facilities to suit all ages. We have extended periods of outdoor play to include parts of the Education Curriculum. We have five separate, fully secured outdoor areas with coded access for parents and staff. We have a covered outdoor area off our Montessori Centre with an all weather surface which our babies love. Read full details of our Great Outdoors Programme


The team at Nourrice are very aware of the importance of wellbeing. We incorporate a little yoga & mindfulness at various points in the day to avoid overstimulation. Our Early Years Educators are trained to recognise when the atmosphere needs to be calmed with a story or music. We do not have a TV on the premises. Children occasionally get to watch a DVD on the PC on special occasions or an educational piece that relates to a project or theme but screen time is not routine in any way at Nourrice.

Our Wellbeing Chart

Our Child Wellbeing Chart ensures that the basic needs of the children are checked methodically when a child shows signs of discomfort or becomes upset. The chart is displayed in each room in the facility and the team are trained in its implementation. This chart enhances the experience of the children in Nourrice on a daily basis from Babaland right through to the Montessori Centre.

Comprehensive and Flexible Care Options

Opening Hours: 7.50 – 18.00 hours

Flexible Options: Full Day Care, 4 Hour Mornings, 5 Hour Mornings, 4 Hour Afternoons, 5 Hour Afternoons.

We cater for extra sessions and swap days where possible.

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