Nourrice Great Outdoors Montessori Preschool Wexford

Nourrice Montessori Centre

For children age 3 years 4 months to 5 years

The children engage in our Preschool Montessori Programme in the Montessori Centre. Following on from Discovery Drive, it aims to balance work, play and social interaction.

Nourrice Montessori Centre was purpose built in 2011. It is a very large room which was designed to promote independence, learning and to facilitate rest periods for the children. The Montessori Materials can be brought to the carpeted area or tables and the book corner contains soft furnishings for relaxation.

All of our Early Years Educators have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Care & Education. Most of them also have Montessori qualifications and are very experienced in the preparation of the Montessori environment. They deliver a wonderfully stimulating programme in which the children are offered a variety of learning opportunities in the “Montessori prepared environment”. They ensure that the children receive individual guidance with the materials.

Through the Montessori method of teaching and elements of Siolta & Asitear (the national curriculum) the children grasp the fundamentals of reading, writing and mathematics.

The Practical Life, Sensorial, Pre Writing and Cultural work is developed from its introduction in Discovery Drive. Language, Mathematics and Geography materials are added to the curriculum.

Project work and circle time are a big part of the programme. The children love these and they enable them to actively participate in their learning, enhance their self-confidence and develop their social skills.

They cover topics such as: The Life Cycle of the Frog, Australia, Africa, Safe Cross Code, Birds and Autumn. Weekly exercise classes are offered.

The Great Outdoor Programme in Nourrice Montessori Centre presents the children with more age appropriate learning opportunities outside. We spend large parts of the day outside. Circle times, nature walks and seasonal activities are done and discussed with an emphasis on exploration, language and sensory development. They have a full set of wet gear in the crèche so not even the rain can stop us! Sports, free play, painting and gardening are regular activities.

Play time is also an integral part of Nourice Montessori Centre Curriculum. Imaginative play, role play, sand and water play and toys form the basis of the free play with this age group.

Our preschool Montessori programme commits to nurture the love of learning, encourage respect for others and above all ensure that children experience a warm, positive environment where they feel safe and at ease.

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