Nourrice Great Outdoors Montessori Preschool Wexford
Nourrice Creche and Montessori Centre Wexford

Our Curriculum

There is an education programme of age appropriate activities to enhance all aspects of development in each area of the Crèche & in the Montessori Centre. Beginning with our Enrichment Programme in Babaland and progressing to our Preschool Programme in our Preschool Montessori Centre.

The Early Educators in Nourrice are graduates in Early Years Education & The Montessori method. They develop their own unique curriculum which draws on elements of Montessori, High Scope and Aistear. They are highly skilled in tailoring the curriculums to the abilities and interests of individual children in their care.

Children have direct input into decisions regarding activities as they move to different areas of the building throughout the day. Exercise classes are offered to children over 2 years of age.

Discovery Drive is our introduction to our Montessori preschool programme which begins when children are 2.5 to 3 years old. Our curriculums are fun, educational and age appropriate.

There are parent liaison mornings during both of the child’s preschool years whereby parents are invited to observe their child during the curriculum and discuss their child’s individual interests and development in detail.


The children explore the outdoors daily. Our landscaped gardens offer several surfaces, grass, mulsh, gravel and tarmac which enhance the sensory experience of playing outside. The children leave a pair of boots in the crèche and outdoor activities such as gardening, painting, sports, nature walks and picnics form part of our weekly plans.

Summer Camp

“Our Summer Fun Programme” runs through July & August. A theme is selected each week and various activities relating to the theme occur throughout the week. For example: Nourrice Master Chef Week, Spanish Fiesta & Bastille Day & All things Magical.

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